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Marketplaces have become the new shopping destinations, especially in this new normal era.  They offer sellers significant consumer reach and revenue growth opportunities. However, each marketplace has its nuances. It is very important to understand which ones are more appropriate for your product. This demands extensive market knowledge and appropriate tie-ups for your preferred markets and product portfolio.

We at DigiT, the digital marketing division of Tejom Digital,  offer you our expertise in Online Marketplace Management Services (OMM). We have  handled 100+ brands, and look forward to  helping you with a wide network of online marketplaces and in-depth understanding about listings specifications for the best visibility and revenue for your brands.


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Multichannel - Online Marketplace Management Services


Online Marketplaces offer enormous potential to expand your market reach and boost sales, even to the global audience. Yet many eCommerce business owners fail to successfully capitalize on this opportunity, as they often at sea when it comes to meeting the requirements for exhaustive and complex listing, reporting, and marketing requirements. Moreover, an ever-increasing number of sellers has led to aggressive competition within the online marketplaces, like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, Myntra, Nykaa etc., further compounding the challenges, making it difficult to stand up in the crowd and get noticed.

Setting up of account/stores in different relevant online marketplaces is one thing, but managing, updating, and selling your products is a completely different matter. 


And with so many sellers and millions of product SKUs how do you think the online buyers discover and purchase your products.


It is a challenging process, given the plethora of tedious activities involved that demand dedicated time and effort. Online sellers’ challenges can be overwhelming, but a right partner can help you easily overcome these hurdles and drive your success in the online marketplace.

Multichannel - Online Marketplace Management Services

When a business is trying to expand in the 3rd party market places, it would be very important to focus on an implementation strategy in order to maximize profits. 


Multichannel eCommerce management would focus on activities that would improve the visibility of your products and thereby improve sales. 


Strategies involving optimizing online marketplace management and the use of external platforms to promote your product are keys, due to ever growing seller pool in these marketplaces.

We at Tejom Digital
 provide OMM services that cater to sellers ranging from fashion & lifestyle to beauty & pharma products. 


6 Questions you need to ask yourself that will drive the business in different marketplaces

1. Which ?

• Which Products sell easily Online?
• Which are my Best Sellers?
• Which Products have Higher Margins?

2. What ?

• What are the USPs of my Products?

• What should be my Pricing Strategy?

• What is my Competition doing?

• What can I do to increase Trustworthiness?

3. Where ?

• Where can I have my Products discovered and have Maximum Engagement?

• Where can I Sell my Products effectively?

• Where are the Potential Buyers even when they are not buying?

• Where is the Competition?

• Where have my Competition Missed Out?

4. Who ?


• Who are my Buyers?

• Who can I have as Influencers for my Products?

5. Why ?

• Why will anyone buy my product?

6. How ?


• That’s how we come in.

Key areas of our Online Marketplace Strategy:

• Selection of Marketplaces

• Connect them using a online store

• Product Optimization – Listing, images, description, categorization, etc
• Use of relevant keywords
• Optimized in-platform promotions
• PPC & Social Media campaigns



What We Do?

We Build

We create captivating world-class Online Stores for your Brand and list them across relevant online marketplaces, with proper hygiene and optimization so that they capture attention of your buyers.


We Market

We market your listed Products across Online Marketplaces and your Online Store using cutting-edge Digital Marketing Strategies, Platforms & Tools so that your products are discovered by potential buyers.


You Sell

Yes, all you do is focus on your core business expertise, SELL & make PROFIT.


Online Marketplace Management Services 2

What is unique about our Online Marketplace Management Service?

Account Management: Enhance the performance of your Amazon store and maximize profitability.

Advertising Optimization: Improve product visibility and increase sales.

Enhanced Brand Content: Develop and optimize high-quality product content and images to distinguish your brand, boost brand visibility, and conversion.

Cataloging: Create a search-optimized and engaging product catalog to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Image Optimization: Process and edit engaging product images optimized to meet marketplace guidelines and drive traffic.

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Sell with Higher Margins • Sell Hassel Free • Sell Online

Go National & Beyond

Unlock your potential with

Data-Driven Approach

As digital communication experts, we understand the importance of data when it comes to making informed decisions and reaching desired results.  We help you maximize the potential of data-driven marketing efforts.

Crafting Creative Storytelling

Our Data-driven approach helps us craft creative storytelling. By analyzing data, we gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interests. This information can then be used to create targeted campaigns that are more likely to capture the attention of their desired audiences and drive conversions.

Customizable Solutions for Your Business

With a data-driven approach, we bring customized solutions to meet business needs. By analyzing data, we gain insights into what works best for your business and the customers. We use this information to craft customized solutions that are tailored to your audience and business goals.

Multichannel Expertise:

As an award-winning digital advertising agency, we have experience across a variety of platforms that may give clients a thorough and integrated strategy for their marketing initiatives. We just know how best you can leverage your data.

Proven Results:

We have worked with a few top brands in the country and have delivered quantifiable results. 

Data-driven digital marketing is an effective way to maximize the potential of your marketing efforts. By leveraging data, we gain insights into your customer behavior, preferences, and interests. This information we then use to craft targeted campaigns that are more likely to be successful.

Digital Marketing Services Offers

Online Marketplace Management Services 3

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