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Brand awareness is key to scaling, growing, and staying relevant in the market. There are no shortcuts. We believe in taking a sniper approach to increasing brand awareness. After all, measuring campaigns based on impressions is a thing of the past. today is about how well you get engaged with your customer base and how well you create advocates among them. With extended Lockdown around the world due to COVID19, the traditional sources of brand communication are drying up. But you need the brand to do well, you need your brand to reach your audiences.


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Challenges Brands face with Online Branding

No matter what you’re trying to sell or who you’re trying to reach, one thing is certain: the internet will never have a shortage of prospects for you to reach. As a result, it’s very easy to bleed bank accounts and spend an obscene amount of money on brand building campaigns without actually reaching the people you want to communicate with.

There is tons of noise online, now more than ever. In order to break through the noise, you need to have a great story that your customers connect with.

You’ve already done a great job reaching the right audience with a compelling story. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by failing to take those prospects to the next phase in the consumer journey. Many brand building campaigns miss the mark on taking prospects from the awareness to purchase phase.

We are here to help you amplify your Brand through Online Branding!!


… is that all of these issues are very easy to handle! But you have to do your due diligence and evaluate your current strategy with a critical eye. Take off those rose colored glasses and pinpoint exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

We understand that evaluating yourself can be difficult. Let us help you get a better perspective!


Our Recommendations for Online Branding

We design landing pages that clients want to see, get engaged and be persuaded by a compelling offer.

YouTube is quickly becoming the modern-day TV commercial—with a few extra perks.  Besides there are many more platforms coming up to have your videos featured. Featuring far greater targeting and performance mechanisms, video advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and help bolster your social media strategy.

Social media ads help you target audience based on location, demography, behavior, interest and connection. We use the top social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. for a mass reach.

Your social media pages are your personally owned news channels. We use it craftily to give you a fan engagement. It helps you build you share of culture.

Strategic use of content to promote your brand inform of storytelling or problem solving helps you get a loyal following. Have your story told across platforms and channels.

Expertly tailored PPC Campaign with well paced display ads can help not just to draw traffic to your landing page but reach out to people who when re-marketed would relate to your brand.

Online seminar is a relatively low-cost way to get your useful message in front of a targeted audience and turn them to advocates.


A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. It’s not just us coming…with us comes expertise, ideas, execution strategies that will help your business grow.

Worried about WFH, Social Distancing and Infection Control??

Don’t worry we are conscious about it.

Some services that could come handy for Online Branding


Why our Clients chose us?


We are a team of creative, hardworking, digitally driven and experienced professional. Your brand would be in excellent hands.


We at Tejom Digital believe in making positive contribution to the growth of the brands we cater, with all of our creative efforts.

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With our extensive set of services, we tend to all of our client’s needs with innovation and creativity.

➙ Maintaining Deadline

Timing is very crucial for any campaign. At Tejom Digital we strictly adhere to deadlines.

➙ Value for Money

We believe in the concept of ‘value for money’. We help our clients with optimized spends for the ad campaigns.

PROFIT earning Digital Marketing sERVICES for your BU$InE$$??

We offer “GO TO” strategies that will help your business even in these challenging times.

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