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We plan and execute effective social media strategies to make your brand a household story. Real people look forward to real brands that they can connect on a deeper level. So it is more important than ever before to publish engaging content that is relevant to your audience establishing your brand first before you start selling.


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Get more personal, more engaging, more conversions.

We make the "MORE" POSSIBLE.

Co-create social campaigns that connects the brand with audiences in their personal space.

We, at Tejom Digital, an award-winning Digital Media Marketing Agency, with data-driven social media marketing services, can help you create your following.

Key Elements of Social Media Optimization

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Manage client’s accounts across various platforms

Schedule posts in advance. Planning of posts is key – when and to whom it may appear. Since a post is a prime factor in creating engagement, it is important to schedule in advance so that mistakes and gaps in communication are eliminated.

Monitor comments and engagement and respond efficiently

Analyze social engagement for posts to keep audiences rooted to the page.

Report with comprehensive analytics for easy understanding and decision making. Weekly/fortnightly reports are send to maintain transparency

Our Social Media Marketing Services

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In case you don’t have one, we will create for you a page from scratch! Integrate it with your website, ecommerce and other platforms for an inclusive approach, making it more than just your social handle.

We customize the content on your social outlets to both deliver your messaging and interact with fans and followers in a special way, your way!

Your social media will be managed by proficient professionals.

Our Process

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Social media is the digital extension of your physical existence. How you are perceived vis-a-vis your competition and how the market scenario impacts your physical business, e.g., Zoom Meetings have had an exponential growth during the lockdown phase globally, because most companies are meeting over video conferencing. This reasearch and understanding forms the pedestral of further research to have an effective strategy

Based on our understanding of the brand we start analyzing your social media channels and target audience data to develop a deeper understanding of your current tactics. Our team will then use these findings to develop a strategic plan.

Next, our social and content teams will begin creating high-quality content to use across your relevant social channels. We will manage the publishing of this content while monitoring engagement and follower metrics.

As you continue to publish the content your audience wants to see you will develop a tribe of loyal and highly engaged followers who can’t wait to see what you come out with next! This, in turn, increases your reach and profitability.

As a data-driven Digital Marketing Agency, our Social Media Marketing Services revolve around creating good propaganda and quality noise that makes your brand build emotion connect with your audience.


When it comes to social media platform you can never vouch for the organic reach. You need to have effective advertising strategies to reach out to the target audiences who matter. 

Start as low as Just

0.08 paisa per reach

What is unique about our social strategies?

Our Social media Marketing Services help you in optimizing your brands presence in the social channels. 

It isn’t about promoting your identity through campaigns, but also about selectively creating an exposition of its values and philosophies. Making the brand more personal, touching the consciousness of the audiences. 

We utilize multiple tools to analyze data gathered from each platform & aggregated noise data to find the best solutions for your brand’s visibility and reach.

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Unlock your potential with

Data-Driven Approach

As digital communication experts, we understand the importance of data when it comes to making informed decisions and reaching desired results.  We help you maximize the potential of data-driven marketing efforts.

Crafting Creative Storytelling

Our Data-driven approach helps us craft creative storytelling. By analyzing data, we gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interests. This information can then be used to create targeted campaigns that are more likely to capture the attention of their desired audiences and drive conversions.

Customizable Solutions for Your Business

With a data-driven approach, we bring customized solutions to meet business needs. By analyzing data, we gain insights into what works best for your business and the customers. We use this information to craft customized solutions that are tailored to your audience and business goals.

Multichannel Expertise:

As an award-winning digital advertising agency, we have experience across a variety of platforms that may give clients a thorough and integrated strategy for their marketing initiatives. We just know how best you can leverage your data.

Proven Results:

We have worked with a few top brands in the country and have delivered quantifiable results. 

Data-driven digital marketing is an effective way to maximize the potential of your marketing efforts. By leveraging data, we gain insights into your customer behavior, preferences, and interests. This information we then use to craft targeted campaigns that are more likely to be successful.

Our Expertise

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