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eCommerce is booming—there’s no doubt about that. . Current active e-commerce penetration in India stands only 28 percent, with lots of room for improvement – India’s retail e-commerce CAGR is projected to reach 23 percent from 2016 to 2021. With extended Lockdown around the world due to COVID19, the traditional sources of business are drying up. eCommerce on the other hand could play a key role in the turn around….Are you ready for it? 


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Reason why most eCommerce Sites Fail to Deliver

Many medium- to large-sized e-commerce companies have generalists running their campaigns. However, this tends to work against them in the digital-sphere as online channels are incredibly competitive and require specialists proficient in each vertical in order to truly succeed.

To accomplish successful and calculable e-commerce growth, all key verticals must be fully integrated and connected. If you’re not doing this, your marketing rupees are going down the drain while your competition is gaining ground.

While many traditional marketing tactics and media outlets are still successful, in order to truly see a positive impact to your bottom line, you need to be crafty. When it comes to digital marketing, there will always be a new company deploying better strategies in an effort to win your audience’s attention. These days, being comfortable and relying on your brand name just isn’t going to cut it.

You should never worry about failure!!


… is that all of these problems are very easy to fix! But you have to do your due diligence and evaluate your current strategy with a critical eye. Take off those rose colored glasses and pinpoint exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

We understand that evaluating yourself can be difficult. Let us help you get a better perspective!


Our Recommendations for eCommerce

Fast Responsive website with best practices is the foundation stone. It should be backed by good on page and off page SEO

We design landing pages that clients want to see, get engaged and be persuaded by a compelling offer.

It is very important to focus on the copy. Compelling copies help you with higher conversion ratio.

Quality images are as important as a you product packaging. It through the image that your customer will get a virtual feel of your product.

Very important to registar with Google My Business and Google Merchant Centre or Google Manufacturer Centre. Helps in SEO.

SEO and PPC are great traffic drivers. They generate prospects that are already looking for the product or service you are trying to sell, not to mention the fact that they pair perfectly with social ads.

Most sales prospects need to build trust and see value from a brand before they buy. Therefore, your online presence needs to reflect and support this through strategic content marketing and email nurturing tactics.

Get real sales through shopping ads.

Speak about your products on social media. It helps.

Social media ads help you target audience based on location, demography, behavior, interest and connection. We use the top social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to generate very targeted leads for our clients.


A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. It’s not just us coming…with us comes expertise, ideas, execution strategies that will help your business grow.

Worried about WFH, Social Distancing and Infection Control??

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We are a team of creative, hardworking, digitally driven and experienced professional. Your brand would be in excellent hands.


We at Tejom Digital believe in making positive contribution to the growth of the brands we cater, with all of our creative efforts.

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With our extensive set of services, we tend to all of our client’s needs with innovation and creativity.

➙ Maintaining Deadline

Timing is very crucial for any campaign. At Tejom Digital we strictly adhere to deadlines.

➙ Value for Money

We believe in the concept of ‘value for money’. We help our clients with optimized spends for the ad campaigns.

Some Services that could come handy for eCommerce


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We offer “GO TO” strategies that will help your business even in these challenging times.

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