Date of Publication: 17 July, 2020

Understanding Bloggers Outreach

- an effective Online Marketing Tool

Blogging is very important at this point and has caught up popularity not just with the customers but marketers as well. In fact, brands, especially in the SME sector , at this point can consider Bloggers Outreach a potent marketing tool. Expert bloggers have huge potential as influencers.

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Anirban Guha

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With #unlock procedure slowly being introduced across the world, we are now experiencing a new normal. Brands are now looking to put forward steps to regenerating the lost ground but with a World 2.0 some marketing strategies and tactics previously successful may not work. Hence, most would like to get going with low cost yet effective options to increase brand exposure beyond something you had so far. Guest blogging and blogger outreach are the strategies you may want to consider. It also has a profound impact on search visibility and enhancing your social media presence, the two things you simply cannot leave away. With increasing connections with When you get to connect with more potential bloggers in your niche, then you are provided with opportunities to improve your interactions among more potential customers.


The main reason why one should opt for blogger outreach is leveraging the influence of the top bloggers in your niche for your brand communications. It is what articles in magazines stood for in the 90s and early 2000s and much more. If you are thinking exposure for your products and services, you can ask bloggers to write about your business. In exchange, you can give free access to your products/services or sometimes monetary benefits.

In addition to sharing your content on social media, you can put it among more audiences in a more effective way.

Do you wonder, how?

It is blogger outreach technique. It needs a lot of round work than just writing emails and phone calls. You need to build relationship with the bloggers

5 Key Benefits of Bloggers Outreach in a Nutshell

#1 Brand Visibility

In the current scenario, it is very important to mark your place in the market if you want to grow your business and taste success. You need to establish a reputation that people should reach out to you. Bloggers are a very powerful source to spread a word about your business in online space in a very short time. They can use their strong content to review and recommend your brand to their readers. You will get extra exposure and it will increase your online presence. And what else we want?

#2 Backlinks to Your website

Backlinks are the primary reason many engage in blogger outreach. However, it’s worth mentioning the number of high-quality backlinks you’ll receive to your website when you engage in blogger outreach is a critical benefit of the outreach itself. Google cares a great deal about the number of quality links pointing to any given site, and blogger outreach helps you organically grow those links in a short amount of time.

#3 Influencers Meet Advocates

Social media influencers and brand advocates are two of the most important champions of any brand. However, it can be difficult to obtain brand advocates with authority. It can be even more challenging to find people who are willing to use their social media influence to help your brand. Blogger outreach accomplishes both of those goals in one stroke. Not only will you have highly trusted bloggers advocating for your brand, but those bloggers may use social media to promote their own content. In this way, you’ve gained a virtual team of brand advocates and social media influencers doing double duty for your business and brand, one blog post at a time.

#4 Super Targeted Audience

What is super targeted audience. They are the people of your niche and who actually wants to hear about your business. There is no point to knock at random doors and see which one opens when. Bloggers will write about niches, not genres, so their reach is super targeted. When they write about your services or products, there is a high chance that their readers end up becoming your loyal customers. Therefore, bloggers outreach is a thumbs up as it helps you in customer acquisition through its super targeted readers and saves a lot of time and money. All you have to do is find niche bloggers and you are sorted

#5 Budget Friendly

Finding blogs in your niche and pitching to them in hopes of winning their advocacy can take a lot of time if you’re doing it on your own. The plus side to this approach is that it’s cost effective. Reaching out to bloggers can help you grow your brand exponentially with little to no money. Couple that with the SEO and content marketing campaigns you’re likely running already and you’ll be able to see surprising results, even if you have a small budget to work with.

How to Get Started with Bloggers Outreach


#1 Spot Influential Bloggers

To start with the Bloggers Outreach programme you first need to create a comprehensive list of bloggers in your niche whom you want to build relationships with and whose audience you would wish to tap into. Get it on a Excel Sheet.  The list can hold the details like the blog name, blogger, contact email, popular social media like Facebook/Twitter name, etc.

It is important to identify the blogger behind each blog on your list. This task of collecting email addresses might be tedious.

Don’t be choosy right away. This list is just a rough draft. Anyway, you will have to refine it further.

Where do you find bloggers to connect with?

Some basic steps to identify & find bloggers are as below:

    • Relevant to your niche
    • Considered influential or somewhat influential (As a fact it is easy to reach bloggers in tier 2 category than the top tier ones of your niche)
    • Have large, active and engaged audiences

Here are some great places to discover influential blogs and bloggers:

  • Google Blog Search – Google search with keywords that best define your niche. Try different combinations.
  • TechnoratiTechnorati can help you identify the “Top X Blogs” online. Technorati Authority which measures a blog’s standing and influence.
  • Google Alerts – Use Google Alerts so that you can monitor specific keywords that bloggers would use that relates to your niche
  • “Best of” Lists – The Web is saturated with compilation lists of the “Best X Blogs,” which can help give you an idea of respected blogs/bloggers in your area of interest.

#2 Prospect your Potential among those

The typical mistake that everybody commit is practicing the same approach to all the blogs or bloggers on the list. Really, that makes no sense. Unfortunately, every blog on the list would not be equivalent. Some may be big, generating huge traffic and engagement. On the other hand, few blogs may not be that much.

The perfect ground working is a must, to grab the entire benefits from an outreach strategy. You have to divide the list of blogs into categories. But, you can do it? You can split the blogs depending on the authority of the blog or blogger. Here, I meant authority as both Social and Domain authority. Social authority does not refer to the more followers that profile has. Even a single influential follower is more valuable than 1,000 low prominent users.

Being an SEO professional, we should always care about SEO metrics. Moreover, search engine authority or domain authority determines the trust and credibility of the blog. And it resembles the influence and the reach of the particular blog. Higher the authority or trust score the blog has, more the reach and influence will be.

You can also refer the blog posts that grab a decent number of comments and engagements. This metrics is not a mandatory one. It is optional, and you may demote it.

With all these refinements, now, you have handpicked list of influential blogs handy.

#3 Run Behind and Conquer

If you have the tier segmentation done well you can strategize how best you can approach these bloggers. Start with the moderate ones it can be easily harvested while go slow while you approach the top bloggers for slow and steady results.

Tips to get noticed by top bloggers in your niche

  • Share the blogger’s content with tag by using ‘@’
  • Follow and interact with them on social media
  • Give them “DoFollow” backlinks from your website
  • Share their video updates with a subtle insight from your end
  • Contribute your insights to the polls or surveys they rolled out
  • Do regularly comment on their blog posts
  • Notify, if any broken links you spot in their blog
  • Do offer your suggestions for its enhancements
  • Keep sending complementary emails

#4 Reach Out, At Last

After you have soften the target, i.e., you have made yourself noticed you are slowly advised to reach out to the bloggers or influencers. However, the bloggers outreach email template you choose to use depends on your goal and intention. It can anything be like –

Goals of Blogger Outreach Strategy

  • Launching of  new products or services
  • Looking for a guest blogging opportunity
  • Hoping for the quality backlinks
  • Sponsored reviews about your product or service
  • Boosting social engagements and followers and so on.

The goal of the bloggers outreach campaign can be of anything above. The email that you create to approach should clearly state your objective. Don’t focus heavily on yourself. It should be drafted in such a way that it compliments the good work that he has done recently and how you can associate.

Do not reach out to blogger unless you made made an approach. If they do not know about you they will simply ignore.

#5 Nurture Your Relationship with the Bloggers

Once you have linked and had your objective fulfilled, keep regular contact with your bloggers. Thank them for assistance.


Here are few tips on how to maintain the relationship:

  • Keep in touch through emails or video calls
  • Sent them product samples and hampers
  • Invite them for a online meets
  • Send them event invites
  • Make them the “1st to know” about brand developments that belongs to their niche.
  • Share your insight about their recent articles/blogs
  • Interact with them on Social Media
  • Help them out from issues they might be facing, if possible.

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