Date of Publication: 16 Mar 2023

OpenAI Launches GPT-4 – What is the upgrade all about?

The startup Open AI launches its most powerful multimodal AI model till date GPT4 backed by Microsoft. 

In this blog let’s understand what this upgrade is about.

Anirban Guha

Anirban Guha

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Table of Contents

  • The OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a multimodal AI model, an improvement over the previous model, the GPT-3.5, in terms of reliability, creativity and handling of micro-instructions.
  • GTP-4 is safer and has less risk over previous models
  • But beware GPT4 only know events upto September 2021. this may cause errors. 

We’ve created GPT-4, the latest milestone in OpenAI’s effort in scaling up deep learning. GPT-4 is a large multimodal model (accepting image and text inputs, emitting text outputs) that, while less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios, exhibits human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks.

What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is the new upgrade in AI technology launched by OpenAI back by Microsoft. It has multimodal features of accepting both images and text as inputs. But the out is only text. Do not mistake it for DALL•E. It cannot give any image output. 

Input <Text + Image> Output <text> 

How GPT 4 Works - AGs Digital Tales


However, in terms of content processing, it has eight times the capabilities of that of ChatGPT. It can process up to 25000 words as compared to 8000 words of chat GPT. ChatGpt since its launch in November 2022 had become a rage for content marketers and 3rd party apps, today stands outdated in just four months.

According to their official website, it can pass the simulated bar exam with a top 10% score, while GPT-3.5 which runs the ChatGPT would have been at bottom 10%. Now the jump is incredible.

While answering AP free response questions in the subject of AP Environmental Science, AP Art History, AP Psychology, AP English language and composition, and AP English Literature, no improvement was demonstrated by GPT4 over Chat GPT.

However, when testing the initial capabilities in other languages, given 14000 MCQs over 57 subjects, in the 24 of 26 languages tested, GPT-4 out performs GPT3.5 and other Large Language Models, including, English, Bengali, Urdu, italian, Marathi, Telegu and Punjabi. 

Right now, GPT4 isn’t available for free. 


New Features GPT-4

  • Muliti-modal Model – It can respond to both text and images. However, it generates text output
  • Processing Capacity – It can process a whopping 25,000 words.
  • Training –  GPT-4 is trained on about 100 trillion parameters compared to GPT-3’s 175 billion paramenters, which makes it about 500 times more powerful. 
  • Accuracy – It is more accurate than all previous models including ChatGPT.
  • Steerability – Developers can now prescribe their AI’s style and task by describing the directions in the “system” message. API users can now offer customized User experiences within certain limits, thereby having a scope of personalization.

Limitations, Risks & Mitigations of GPT-4

  • Limitations – Like earlier models of GPT, it can “hallucinate” facts and make errors while reasoning. So be careful when creating content. Another, point to be added is it does not have any memory of events after September 2021. So If you put up a query about a recent event, say, “Can foreigners buy a home in Canada?”  It will give you a false statement as the Canadian Govt law of 2 years ban on foreigners purchasing homes was passed in Jan 2023. It is still not geared to face certain challenges, Check the study report given previously. GPT-4 can make confident but incorrect predictions. 
  • Risk – With limitations comes risks. It may also fail at challenging problems like humans, such as introducing security issues in its code. GPT-4 is definitely capable of generating wrong advice, erroneous codes filled with bugs, or giving you totally inaccurate information.
  • Mitigation – Open AI with a team of 50 experts has been working hours to test the model, collecting data to improve GPT-4’s ability to refuse dangerous requests. With many improvements, GPT-4 as of date is 82% less likely to give inappropriate content and is better at handling queries on sensitive topics like medication, violence, etc. Though it has brought in restrictions but generation of content that goes against its usage policies is still possible. However, OpenAI is working to make it less harmful and safer for society.

Who use GPT-4?

Yusuf Mehdi, Director of Search and Devices, at Microsoft, has recently confirmed that Bing is already being powered by GPT-4. It uses a personalized version of the new multi-modal AI, albeit with few limitations.

Duolingo is another app that is powered by GPT-4. As confirmed by OpenAI, the application will use its two key features to allow users to have a conversation with a chatbot and learn the language as if conversing with a native teacher.

Other Apps that will use GPT 4 are Be My Eyes, Stripe, Dropbox, Mem, Intercom and few others

How can I use GPT-4?

You can use GPT 4 right away. For now, OpenAI has announced that it will allow users with ChatGPT Plus subscriptions. If you want to subscribe, you will have to upgrade. The subscription now costs $20 a month, which would be something like ₹1,653/- per month. Are you going to try it now?

ChatGPT and Whisper are now available through our API (plus developer policy updates).

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