Date of Publication: 10 April 2023

How to Determine Buyer Persona – Its Importance to Brands

Learn how to create a buyer persona and gain valuable insights into your customers’ needs, wants, and behavior. Improve your marketing strategies and increase sales today.


Anirban Guha

Anirban Guha

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What is Buyer Persona? How is it Important to Brands?

The buyer persona is the fictional representation of a brand’s ideal customer based on research and data analysis. It goes beyond traditional demographics, such as age and gender, to include personality traits, interests, and behaviors that shape the customer’s buying decisions. A well-defined buyer persona helps brands create targeted marketing campaigns and product offerings that resonate with their audience, ultimately leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

In today’s competitive market, creating a strong brand identity is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Understanding your ideal customer’s needs and preferences is essential in building a brand that connects with your target audience. This is where the buyer persona comes in. By creating a detailed profile of your ideal customer, you can tailor your marketing efforts to speak directly to their pain points and needs, making it more likely that they will engage with your brand.

For instance, imagine you are a skincare brand. You may have identified that your ideal customer is a woman in her 30s, who values natural and sustainable ingredients and is willing to pay a premium price for high-quality products. With this information, you can tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to this audience, creating social media campaigns that highlight your natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, or developing a loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat purchases.

Having a well-defined buyer persona also allows brands to identify potential customer segments that they may have overlooked, leading to increased sales opportunities. For example, using the previous skincare brand example, the brand may have discovered that their products appeal to men as well, leading to the development of a men’s skincare line and targeted marketing campaigns for this new customer segment.

Creating a buyer persona is essential to building a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience. By understanding your customers’ needs, interests, and behaviors, you can develop targeted marketing campaigns and product offerings that drive customer engagement and loyalty, leading to increased sales opportunities and a thriving business.

How to determine buyer persona?

Determining buyer personas is an essential step in creating a successful marketing strategy. It involves researching and analyzing customer data to create a detailed profile of your ideal customer.

Here are some tips on how to determine your buyer persona:

Start with Your Existing Customer Base:

Look at your present customers and identify common characteristics, such as age, gender, and location. Analyze their purchasing behaviors, such as their preferred channels and product types.

Analyse Website and Social Media Analytics:

Look at the website and social media analytics to understand how customers interact with your brand online. Identify common behaviors, such as preferred channels and search terms.

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Conduct Customer Surveys:

Reach out to your customers and ask them questions about their purchasing habits, interests, and preferences. Use this information to create a more detailed profile of your ideal customer.

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Research Competitors:

Analyze your competitors’ customer base to identify potential customer segments that you may have overlooked. Look for common characteristics, such as age, gender, and interests.

Create a Detailed Profile:

Use the information gathered to create a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Include information such as age, gender, occupation, interests, and purchasing behaviors.

Keep Refining:

Your buyer persona is not set in stone, and it is essential to continue refining it as your business grows and evolves. Continue to gather feedback from customers and analyze data to ensure that your buyer persona accurately reflects your target audience.


Identifying your buyer persona can be a rewarding experience. By understanding your ideal customer, you can create targeted marketing campaigns and product offerings that resonate with your audience, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Can a Business have Multiple Buyer Persona?

Undoubtedly, having only one persona is a red flag, as it indicates that the business only considers one consumer segment to be relevant. The number of personas should be equal to the number of important consumer segments, which might be existing (e.g., loyal or most valued customer groups) or ideal customers. A data-driven approach allows for as many identities as there are behavioral or demographic patterns in the data.

The ability to create personas from real online user information is a benefit of the data-driven persona method.

Here businesses might face a huge challenge. Modern online systems, frequently supply huge amounts of information from millions of users who exhibit widely varied behaviors, resulting in many personas representing the total user base. You need to then draw a bell curve through A/B testing different personas that are closely associated with your best customer. Keep the ones that are closer to the median.

Buyer Persona – A Template

Below is a template for a typical buyer’s persona



Data Points



Robin Sharma




Marketing Manager

Annual Income

₹15.4 LPA

Marital Status


Family Situation

One child, planning for more in future


Urban area in Kolkata




Mr. Sharma is a successful marketing manager in his early thirties. He is married and planning to expand his family in the future. He is highly educated, tech-savvy, and values work-life balance. He is active on Facebook and LinkedIn. He goes to local outing with family and friends every weekend – a movie in a multiplex or a restaurant. He also watches shows on OTT. Loves cricket and IPL but mostly watches from home through live streaming. Goes on vacation every year.




Data Points


Personal Characteristics

Ambitious, tech-savvy, creative, analytical, confident, adaptable, values work-life balance


Reading, Binge, Cycling, Travel


Digital marketing trends, emerging technologies, personal finance, family planning, healthy living

Personal Aspirations

To become a VP of Marketing, to travel the world with his family, to live a healthy and balanced life

Professional Goals

To develop and execute effective marketing strategies, to lead a team of marketing professionals, to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends


Overworking, work-life imbalance, career stagnation, uncertainty around family planning, lack of personal time

Main Challenges

Balancing work and family responsibilities, staying current with digital marketing trends, managing a team effectively


To stay organized and efficient, to have access to resources and support, to be recognized for his contributions and hard work, to achieve work-life balance


To achieve career success, financial stability, and a happy family life




Data Points



Willing to spend money on quality products that meet his and family needs and align with their values

Shopping Frequency

Regularly shops for products and services both for family and profession

Preferred Channels

Modern Retail, Online Grocery, Online Marketplaces, and social media, professional related websites etc.

Online Behavior

Conducts thorough research and reads online reviews before making purchasing decisions

Preferred Brands

Brands that prioritize innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility


Marketing campaigns that address his pain points and offer solutions, referrals from peers


Limited time and resources, lack of trust in unfamiliar brands

Creating a buyer persona is a crucial step for any business looking to connect with its target audience and improve customer satisfaction. Use the steps outlined in this article to create a personalized profile for your ideal customer and watch your business thrive.

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